Skincare Aug 02, 2022

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

The most unbreakable rule in skincare is washing your face every night. We hate it, we respect it, we find ways to make it easier. These microfiber makeup removal cloths make the whole thing much more enjoyable for me. They’re so soft and luxurious that I actually look forward to using them at the end of the day. The microfiber leaves your face squeaky clean and perfectly primed for nighttime skincare. Right now, I use them every morning with water and every night with this, but I always double cleanse and mix up my cleansing routine. Here are a few other great face washes I use regularly:


Probably the bougiest option but it leaves your skin feeling RICH


Hailey Bieber uses this and this and they’re ridiculously good and in my shower too.


We all need the occasional makeup remover wipe and here are my suggestions:

One of my favorite finds from Things I Bought and liked. They smell like a fancy spa.


The best option to take off eye makeup 


xx CG