Skincare Aug 02, 2022

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Nothing has enhanced my relationship with clean sheets or vacation like using an epilator to remove hair on my arms and legs. It’s effective, it’s convenient, it lasts for days, and it really only hurts the first time. Razors slice off the blunt edge of your hair, while epilating acts more like waxing and your regrowth is soft and MUCH less noticeable. 

This is also one of the tools I get asked the most about, so I’m laying out my entire routine for you here.

The epilator is one of those things I do once a week (or less!), and while the process sounds like a lot, I really think I’m saving myself some time front-loading a week’s worth of leg maintenance. In order to start the process you need to quit shaving a few days before. According to Braun, you only need two days of regrowth but I find that it works better with 3-5 days of regrowth.

The Routine

I’ll start with a great body wash. Lately I’ve been obsessed with this $11 Target body wash. I love it so much I believe it must have been my signature scent in a former life. For another ultimate spa-like shower experience we all want, I usually reach for this, or this. After that, I go in with an exfoliator. I hate to be fussy about this, but if you are prone to ingrown hairs, exfoliating before epilating really makes a difference.


Post shower, I towel off. I should note here that I have had similar epilator results with wet or dry legs, and it really just depends on what else I’m working into my routine. For this one, I’ll dry off.


If I need a tan, I’m going to do it here in the process, before the epilator. My go-to for that right now is this $6 mitt with everyone’s favorite Tan Water in medium dark. II buff that in with a tanning mitt like this. After letting the self-tanner sink in for a few minutes, I’ll start The Braun Epilator.


This is a transparent space, so I will say that it definitely hurts the first time—on par with waxing or laser hair removal. But this is a pain investment well worth its return because it dulls with each use. If that scares you, this numbing cream helps. Just apply it about 10-15 minutes before epilating, and you’re good to go. 


The motion is pretty intuitive and moves just like the razor routine we could all do in our sleep at this point. Hold it steady, move against the direction of your hair, and don’t overthink it. Personally, I will do my full legs and arms. Friends tell me that the included epilator attachment for sensitive areas works perfectly on the Brazilian line and under arms. I’ve had those lasered for years, so can’t personally vouch, but let me know how it goes if you try it.

After I’m done, I like to spritz my legs with this Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray (I really think everyone should have this), smooth on some SPF if I’ll be outside, and call it a day. No one smells like Nair, and I won’t think about my legs for another week at least. Good luck! I hope you love it.

p.s. It’s waterproof and that makes it easy to clean with a rinse under warm water

xx CG