Beauty Jun 17, 2024

Best of: the Doen edit, butter summer, H&M knockouts, and more

This week’s best sellers and personal favorites below:

  1. H&M knit dress, 2. Dr. Diamond Instafacial, 3. Amazon sun hat, 4. Amazon ruffle tank, 5. Air drying mousse
  1. H&M jacket, 2. Doen sailor dress, 3. Amazon overnight mask, 4. La Ligne sweater, 5. Epilator
  1. MAC blush in “blushbaby,” 2. Jenny Bird anklet, 3. Lisa Says Gah x Madewell, 4. Lip liner in “comes naturally,” 5. Butter yellow silk shorts
  1. H&M bermuda shorts, 2. Amazon hair oil, 3. H&M lace dress, 4. Doen mini dress, 5. Amazon boxers

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