Skincare Jul 30, 2023

Fighting Time, Morning & Night

I’m much too soft to fight crime in any physical capacity, and I’d rather die than confront anyone other than my family in a meaningful way, but my one defense I won’t back down on is my AM and PM skincare routine beating back the natural effects of time, twins, and gravity on my face.


First thing in the morning, I wear this for 30 minutes. I take it off and apply one of these. I rinse with a wet one of these. Then I apply SPF.


Evening is so much more serious than morning. I start with about three pumps of this cleansing oil and rub it all over my face, then I follow up with this rice wash and rinse and dry with another one of these. On my lids, I apply this, and then this under my eyes. I do a quick layer of this on my face, chest and arms. Then I do this every single night. I finish it all out with this on my lips.

xx CG

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