Skincare Jul 15, 2023

Evening Skincare Stalwarts

If I ever label anything a routine, it immediately changes the next night. I guess I don’t want to be held down by a prison of my own making. But I do have a few evening products lately that I use every single night. First, the Tatcha Oil Cleanser gets off every inch of makeup. I take about three pumps in my hands and rub it all over my face, then follow up with the Tatcha Rice Wash. And because I refuse to share towels with my kids anymore, I clean it all off with a clean skin club towel. I also recently learned that fluoride in my toothpaste was giving me perioral dermatitis around my mouth, which was shocking to me, but switching to Tom’s cured me completely. Anything and everything might go on my face after that but I always, always follow up with Toute Nuit patches on my smile lines and crow’s feet.

xx CG

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