Fashion Aug 02, 2022

Drenched in Dorsey

I had the absolute privilege of spending last weekend in LA wearing Dorsey diamonds and visiting their beautiful office. Dorsey is amazing because their pieces are as shiny and show-stopping as high-end fine jewelry—but the lab-grown diamonds make them affordable and durable enough to wear to the beach without stressing out. The tens of thousands of people on their waitlist and I absolutely love it. Fortunately, yesterday was their big restock but things are still going fast. If you’re one of the lucky ones to snag something this time around, use my code COURTNEYGROW for extra $$  off.


Here’s a breakdown of what I wore:

This is the Marguerite and the Kate Collar in silver(picture above!). Chef’s kiss to both.

This is the James Bezel (16”) and the Clemence (7.5 ct). Dorsey is the best way I know how to do carefree in diamonds at the pool. (Above!)

Bellamy earrings in 8ct. ILY.

The Kate Collar in silver all on its own.

The Kate Collar in gold above.

Emerald Moss 16” and James Bezel (16”) dressing up my whole look.


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xx CG