Beauty Sep 13, 2022

Turn On The Red Light

If you only listen to me on one thing, let it be the BOOST LED Mask. I personally notice glowy, plumpier skin and more even skin tone overall. I also just look less tired.

You could just add the Boost mask into your routine and see results, but here’s an example of what I’ve been using it with lately. 

I like to use mine at night, usually after I wash my face with this. (I compiled a list of my favorite face washes here.) Sometimes I’ll even ice roll right before. You don’t have to, but I might follow up with a serum like this one, this oil or this for under $20.

This holy grail mask on my face, plus this on my lips has been a nice combo lately. Just to ensure I’m really cementing everything I’ve done here, I tape it all in place.

xx CG

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