Skincare Oct 24, 2022

Spa Guide 101

I am not a doctor, I cannot emphasize that enough. But if you calculated the time I’ve spent in spas, I’m at least a grad student in receiving skincare services. I get asked a lot about what I “have done,” and while I don’t want to suggest that anyone out there needs to have anything done, I am happy to share some of what my esthetician and I have come up with for my skin.


This is an exact map of the Botox I get. I made a TikTok on why I’m so obsessed with chin Botox. I don’t like to overdo Botox, and I also try to wait until it has completely worn off before I go in for more, so we’re working with a totally blank slate every time.


My facial routine will vary, but this last stop at the spa, I got a lot of great notes I’m sharing here. In case that’s hard to read:

  1. Her number one recommendation for people trying to do the most without filler is micro-needling with PRP.
  2. Sculptra is probably something I’m going to want to try in the next few years. It’s not cheap and the results aren’t instant but it’s a collagen stimulant that works over time.
  3. I ended up buying the same microcurrent device from Amazon that she uses at home. She said of all the at-home devices, this is pretty hard to mess up and great for a breakout.

Boob Job

Stopping just shy of selling my entire soul, I also wrote out the details of my boob job here. It’s obviously a much heavier lift than your average spa service, but it’s also one of the things I get asked the most about, so it feels relevant enough.

xx CG

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