Beauty Jan 04, 2023

Hair Is Everything, Anthony!

Remember on Fleabag when Pheobe Waller-Bridge yells that hair is everything even though we wish it weren’t true so we could occasionally think about something else? That’s the energy I’m bringing to this post. I feel my most at peace right now when my hair lands somewhere in between an Olson twin and done in less than 10 minutes. This is everything I’m using and doing to achieve the current look above.

Step 1: Wash your hair but don’t condition.

Step 2: Let it air dry for about 15 minutes. I like to use a hair towel to speed it up.

Step 3: I apply this whole capsule of oil to my hair from my ears down.

Step 4: After I apply the hair oil capsule, I brush out my whole head and blow-dry my roots ONLY. This helps keep your hair from getting greasy and is essential.

Occasionally, if my hair feels dry after the capsules, I’ll add this. It’s lightweight, soothing, and critical during the winter!

At about 40% dry, I’ll twist my hair behind my head, unsecured, and sleep in one of these.

When I wake up, I spend about 90 seconds bending the hair around my ears with my Dyson Corrale and fixing anything that doesn’t look right. I have a video tutorial of this saved here.

I promise this whole thing takes less time to do than it takes to explain.

xx CG

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