Beauty Jan 24, 2023

Spray Tan Fan

It took me four nights to make it through Glass Onion, and the whole thing felt like one long scene of an Austin Powers movie to me. But seeing Kate Hudson poolside did remind me that I still needed to fully break down my spray tanning process for you. So here is exactly how I take my loved ones and I from ghost to glam in under two hours.

This isn’t a must, but I like exfoliating all over before the whole process begins.

You will need a willing and consenting partner to perform the spray tan if you’re here for yourself. I usually spray and get sprayed in the shower, but I’m sure a tent wouldn’t hurt.

Once you start spraying on the solution, like any good hand skill, a steady arm and consistency are key. Stay the same distance apart and move your gun at the same speed the entire time. This video is pretty close to the method I use to see it in action.

I like to start at the back and move in a vertical motion, then horizontal. For everything from the butt cheeks down, I do a straight line, going over it about three times to make sure it’s fully covered.

The chest, hands and feet are all going to get a separate treatment than anything else. Starting with the chest, move the gun in a diagonal motion toward the sternum on each side, all the way down until the top of the stomach. Do a similar crossing motion for the hands and feet.

I switch back to vertical, even lines to go over the stomach, arms, and front of legs.

The face and neck are the most delicate. Go a little lighter here, giving one cross on the neck and one round of vertical motions on the sides and middle of the face.

If that area freaks you out, I also like using this and this to do on my own later or in between sprays.

I prefer a natural look, so I leave the solution on for a little under two hours and then hop in the shower.

Good luck!

xx CG

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