Beauty May 13, 2023

Same Face, Just Better

After I posted FAQs about my boob job, I really didn’t think there was much left to give. But if I’m being honest with myself, I’ve been keeping a vice-like grip on my esthetician for a while and the evangelist in me can’t hold it in anymore, because Sculptra is changing my face—in that it’s keeping it the same, just making it better. Sculptra is simply our God-given right to reclaim what is ours but has been robbed from us by time and children. I’m sharing what I’ve learned but am certainly not qualified to give advice, so take it for what it is—thoughts from a pre-middle-aged lady who loves a good facial!

The first thing I learned about Sculptra is you have to find someone who does it well. For me, that’s Shelby Miller at Ruma Aesthetics if you’re in Utah. I’ve gotten most of my information from her or other actual injectors on the topic. I’m including what I found most helpful below!

xx CG

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