Beauty Feb 09, 2023

My First Tattoo

I don’t want to be dramatic but getting my lips blushed was more painful than birth, and I was not physically or emotionally prepared for it. That being said, I loved the results and even learned how to mitigate some of the pain a few days too late for myself, which I’ll share below.

If you can’t see in the type above, my lips on the far right are fully healed after my first round, but I’ve since had my second and final round. I also mention that I went for a natural shade and actually brought in a picture of my daughter’s lips.

As previously bemoaned, the whole lip-blushing process hurt much worse than expected and took over two hours each time. I don’t have any other permanent makeup or tattoos so I wasn’t prepared for this and kind of wanted to die. I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance when it comes to vanity, so this was surprising.

My first time was $250 and my second round (they call it a touch-up) was $125. I love the results and highly recommend to anyone who can sit through it. My lips went clear toward the edges and now they look more defined without any liner/lipstick.

I have since learned from a certified lip-blusher that you can use medical-grade numbing cream before and during the process, which can help. She said doing it without is almost unbearable, which felt validating to hear. You’ll just have to ask your artist to take breaks and apply throughout the process.

xx CG

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