Fashion Oct 05, 2022

A Moment for Loafers

There’s really not a time when loafers aren’t in style in some way or another, which is impressive for something with a name as bad as loafer. I’m sure we can thank Coco Chanel for fighting for our God-given right as women to wear this powerful shoe. I have a few I’m wearing in rotation this year, plus a few more I’d recommend.

Any time I post about a Prada item I own, it feels more vulnerable than discussing my boob job, but I have been wearing these for a few years now and still feel my best in them. I like wearing them with these socks. This top is sold out but here is a great, affordable alternative.

I own and love these, and any time I post them I get as many questions as I do about my religious affiliation. I’m wearing a 26 in the pants.

Worth not waiting for.

Shop them here.

These are great and right around $150.

Squint and you might see Gucci.

xx CG

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