Fashion Nov 21, 2022

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It’s nice to see you guys in my DMs, but I thought it was time I slid into yours a few times a month to speak more freely about some of the things I’m doing, buying, and thinking that might not make the IG feed. Hope you care! 

Last week when returning from NYC, I missed my flight by literally 15 seconds. I thought that perhaps my attempts at charm would overturn the decision on appeal but I was dismissed with prejudice and had to wait a few extra hours to catch a different flight. Plenty of time to reflect on when exactly it was that I lost my touch. In such a state, the only reasonable thing to do seemed to order three drinks and five slices of pizza.  This week was better. And now, as they ice off the wings of my flight back to the Big Apple (only for 24 hours this time to celebrate Club Moda!) I have a few reflections I wanted to talk about.

I was just looking so tired. One thing I have not been consistent with lately is my LED mask. I started back into a routine with twice daily use and cannot believe how much better my skin looks. Less redness/smaller pores and so much more glow. I don’t talk about this enough on IG but I should and might again soon. 

I feel so much less interested in blouses currently. And anything tight. I just want oversized everything and a TDF coat on top. I’m still wearing these tanks (Amazon dupe here, just make sure you buy the full length—not the short!) and this tee almost every day.

I feel so androgynous when I’m getting dressed these days that I love a delicate but intentional touch of jewelry. I’m always wearing Lié (15% off right now) and if you want the look for less, check out these on Amazon for only $10.
Can’t wait for these pants.

The only eyelash serum I’ll let near my eyes is now on Shopbop.

I bought these perfect holiday heels from Bergdorf’s while I was in the city. I love them with or without tights. 

A whole cart of Adanola x Pernille Teisbak:
This unitard for under $70! It reminds me of Wardrobe NYC but for fractions of the cost. 
I also got the sweatpants and sweatshirt in both colors, marshmallow leggings, and the hat. Who knows what I’ll keep but it’s selling fast and I wanted to see it all in person. 

I bought my kids these darling Christmas pajamas

And always more of these.

This is my current go-to. It runs a bit big and I’m wearing the small. Also available in black here.
H&M has something similar in the biscuit shade for under $200.
This is part of the Sandro Black Friday sale. Here are my picks.

This will be sold out by tomorrow, I bet.
 I love the cool grey with the warm tortoise buttons more than any other color combo of this popular coat
Currently 20% off! Size Down!
This colorful option

I’ve been watching the Black Friday sales come in like a hawk, and here’s where we’re at as of today.

My top choices for Mango and JCrew.
There’s a private sale happening at Khaite right now, the code is PREMIER.  

I’ll be posting more on IG and my blog as they roll in, so stay tuned. 

We don’t cook a lot at home, and when we do, it better be foolproof and kid-friendly. We recently made this pot roast and it was outstanding, well-received, and assembled in a total of 10 minutes. 

If you squint and/or break out your +2.25 readers, you can see the two recipes I’m contributing to Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws’ house this week. Also in a truly ballsy move, the Monkey Bread recipe I’m making is my mother-in-law’s own so I’m basically standing barefoot and straight-backed against the measuring stick and we’ll see if I measure up.


My twins turned three! I’m in shock and honestly relieved at the passing of this milestone. The last three years have been unmanageable and insane on a level that can only be reached by doubling your workload in a single instant.

A quick, behind-the-scenes look at twin life. Some days are magic, and some days a bean bag gets unzipped and you consider burning the house down rather than dealing with the thousands and thousands of static-ridden styrofoam balls that are worse than any pest I’ve yet to encounter. In the end, we decided against arson and kept the house, but after three days of cleaning, we are still finding this stuff everywhere. PS- if God hates you too and this happens in your home, DM me for tips on cleaning up.

I just bought this dress and these sandals for my sister’s rehearsal dinner!

See you next time.
xx CG

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