Beauty Aug 26, 2022

Good Hair (I)Care

Good hair is a destination I will dutifully pursue my entire life. Here’s my latest concoction of inside-and-out hair care to ensure *mostly* good hair days.

First, I saw these on TikTok and bought them with very low expectations. You shampoo your hair (don’t condition) and then apply a whole capsule to your ends.  I’ve been amazed how much I like them. 

After the hair vitamin, I’ll apply this. It’s a new product to me, and it is INCREDIBLE. I predict this whole line from Oribe is about to blow up. 

Most days, I’ll follow up with my regular volumizer and blow out spray

And because a good lash and/or brow day is a second runner-up to a good hair day, I’m also obsessed with this growth serum right now. I’ve recently been enlighted on the terrifying effects of industrial strength growth serums, but this stuff works and is safe for your skin. Use code “AGENTCOURTNEY” for $$ off.

My brows, lashes, and hair have never been better. 

xx CG