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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

One of my favorite pastimes when I find myself in the presence of someone who currently works or previously worked at Nordstrom is to ask them for grizzly tales from the return desk. Nordstrom’s return policy is legendary for being easier to navigate than the Suez Canal and certainly wider. Some of the best stories I’ve heard include: blouse return with receipt from SEVEN YEARS earlier, jeans with concert ticket stubs in the pockets, perfume bottles with only a few sprays remaining, and on and on.

Part of my affinity for Nordstrom is undoubtedly the product of my upbringing. For example, my mom gave my sisters and I the choice to attend the grand opening of Nordstrom in the Mission Viejo Mall OR the second day of school 1999. Goodbye, hot school lunch, and hello new cami from BP and Orange Julius.

As part of my never-ending quest to justify the time I spend shopping to God, my husband, and myself, I have dived the full depth of the 3,630 Women’s items that are part of the Anniversary Sale to bring back to you only the shiniest pearls are rarest creatures. And, given that my lungs haven’t exploded yet, I’ll probably take another deep breath and go back for the Men’s and Children’s sections, too.

To be completely frank, I haven’t been OBSESSED with Nordstrom’s choices in recent years. It sort of became a Farmers’ Market for a handful of brands that didn’t excite me, so my expectations for an edit of the Anniversary Sale were humble. I am now happy to report that my expedition yielded a lot more fruit than expected, and I hope that you’ll find a few items that entice you, too.

Here are some of my favorite Beauty finds:

  • My absolute favorite mascara. My lashes aren’t as naturally ebullient as my personality unfortunately and this mascara gives me the lashes my mother didn’t. It gives you French looking eyelashes in a way that feels sexy and effortless. I’m personally very sensitive to the Tammy Faye Baker look and would rather wear nothing than have clumps. I like to do my mascara first (before my other makeup) and get this right into my lash line for a liner effect and then clean up around my eyes with a QTip. It smells faintly like roses and is packed with serum for healthier eyelashes.

  • Clarins Double-Serum This two-for-one deal would make the casting directors from Full House jealous. Throw in the Total Eye Lift and you’re going to have Kimmy Gibbler level pestering over why your skin is so great. Not only does this product do all the things a serum should (i.e. effectively target lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and boost radiance) it also smells wonderful and feels good to apply. Let’s pressure Clarins to donate a portion of the proceeds to get Aunt Becky out of jail.

  • Pure Silk White Queen Pillowcase Duo calling off an engagement always felt like a really sexy and powerful thing to do, I only got close one time. When registering for our household essentials Wyatt adulterated my opinion of his taste with the misguided notion that bedding could/should be purchased in any color other than white. WRONG (said like Donald Trump ofc). I’m still recovering from this and in the event of an actual divorce I need to look as good as possible. Thats why I’m only these WHITE silk and satin pillow cases near my face.

  • Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant & Anti-Persperant Trio I’ve always held the trophy for Least Practical among my friends and I got a buffet of grief in Vegas 2011 when word got out about my expensive DK deodorant. They all now wear it, too

  • All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Set I use this all the time. Remember when Harrison Ford gives Michelle Pfeiffer that chemical that makes it so she cant move at all in What Lies Beneath? Well, this is basically that for your makeup. What does it say about me that this is my reference?

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As far as the clothing situation goes:

  • These shoes are so close to my Prada loafers, minus the week of marital scorn and disgust I endured paying for mine.

  • A great leather jacket would be in my 72-hour kit long before dehydrated chili and bandaids.

  • I cannot believe this bag made the sale. The only time I’ve seen this brand so deeply discounted was when my sister entered “5fingerdiscount” and took it from my closet.

  • Cardigan! Under $50 and will be worn by me anytime air is blowing anywhere in my house all summer

  • My favorite coat from the sale. It’s the collar for me.

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Wyatt Grow (go ahead and google search him, he’s a waterfall rodeo cowboy) has alright taste in music, chooses questionable buffets, and frequently underestimates the time it takes to get to the airport. His areas of expertise are his taste in wives, ability to charm anyone and his knack for good-looking clothes that also feel effortless. Here’s what he liked from the sale

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