Uncategorized Jan 22, 2022

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I’m trying to remember specifically who/what it was that got me to try Droplette about a year ago and I’m struggling to put a finger on it. Whether it was from another influencer, an ad, or just a fever dream where a woman falls asleep in a misty forest and arises from her nap as a young maid once again, I’m glad that Droplette and I found each other.

What I am sure of is that I liked using my Droplette right away. After applying creams or oils to my face, I’m left searching for somewhere to wipe my hands which, following the bathing rituals surrounding four kids, is not always within reach. I also enjoy the invitation to a moment of relaxation as I close my eyes and feel the cool mist on my face, a joy heightened by the belief, mistaken or not, that I’m becoming prettier with each nanoparticle.

The primary thing that drew me to the Droplette was the promise that it might help me overcome one of my biggest beauty hurdles; the sad fact that my face simply couldn’t tolerate topical retinols. I’d tried super low dose retinols, applying sparingly and trying to build up to a normal dose, etc. Nothing was working and I consistently found myself red-faced and disappointed. Retinol is supposed to be the Holy Grail of skin care products and I can’t benefit from it? This cannot stand!

I cautiously began using the retinol pods from Another perk of the Droplette is the targeted application of collagen from the collagen pod. I’ve found that it plumps my under-eye area and thoroughly hydrates my face. Derek Zoolander was an idiot but wasn’t wrong about the essence of moisture being wetness. And, as my smartest sister, Ash, told me, even if Droplette just delivered water to your skin in micro-droplets, it would still be incredibly beneficial.

As a company, Droplette is committed to sustainability. While the serum pods are plastic, they are 100% recyclable and Droplette includes a paid, pre-addressed plastic envelope with each serum shipment where you place your used pods. When you finish your box, simply drop it off the filled envelope at your local post mart to ship the pods back to Droplette. Use code CGDROP20 fro 20% off!